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Helping business owners achieve their goals. Helping businesses grow.

Why BAS Consultancy?

Growing a business is hard work and as a business owner you have so many spinning plates, fires to put out and to-do lists, it can be hard to dedicate time to the development of your business.

We start with what you want to achieve: 

  • Do you want to increase your profits?

  • Do you want a better work-life balance?

  • Do you want to start your own business?

  • Do you want to secure investment for growth?

  • Do you want to improve your productivity and efficiency?

  • Do you want customers to spend more and increase their loyalty? 

  • Do you want to build a business that doesn't rely heavily on your involvement?

  • Do you want to re-brand your business or launch new products and/or services?

The list could go on! 


When we understand what you want to achieve, we can discuss the right support option(s) for you, your goals and your business.


Our range of services have been structured and designed to deliver results and are all fully supported by a business coaching program. Our clients have the option of dedicated support designed to help you in defining and achieving your unique path to success. 

You are an expert in your field and our business experts have first-hand experience of running a business and consulting for a wide range of businesses. Combing your expertise with our business knowledge and experience makes working with BAS Consultancy even more valuable for business owners looking to make a change. 

Serious about growing your business? You're one click away...

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Our Clients

We've worked with start-ups, global brands, family-run businesses, one-man bands and everything in-between. Whilst we love working with a wide range of clients, the size of your business doesn't matter to us - it's your desire to make a change and achieve your goals. 

When we understand this, and our values are aligned we know we can form a strong and positive working relationship that delivers results.









The benefits

Our proven techniques and experienced coaches work to understand you and your business before making any recommendations - there is no one size fits all! 

All our clients benefit from support designed to: 


  • Clearly define your business and personal goals 

  • Create a bespoke plan to achieve results

  • Improve your business performance and profitability 

  • Develop your business understanding and leadership skills  

  • Help you gain confidence in your abilities

  • Provide accountability and an alternative perspective

A tax-deductible expense, professional support to grow and expand your business is an investment in your future - and is probably more affordable than you think! 

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Our range of services have been designed to support business owners grow and develop their businesses


Our Business Coaching service means we take an active interest in you and your business. You will have your own 1 to 1 support, guidance and accountability whilst you are on your journey to achieving your personal and business goals. 


Are you looking to grow your business? or are you considering buying another business? The right approach to growth is essential to protect investments and deliver the right short and long-term results. 


Together we will review your past performance and clarify future direction. You will set solid and realistic business goals and define strategies for achievement. At the end of our session, you will have a plan which will act as a guide map to success. 


From Organisational Restructure and Succession Planning to entering a new market and launching new services, we complete a full review of your business to create a tailored plan to effectively manage change.

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You have an amazing concept, product or service... now how do you make it a success? Starting a business is time consuming, you'll have a to-do list longer than ever before and everyone will be offering you advice. Our package provides full support as you grow.

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Whether it's generating more leads, selling more to existing customers or defining the right target audience for your business, we can help you achieve marketing success with clear goals, defined tactics and structured reporting.

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