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Our services have been designed to support business owners achieve their business and personal goals. Apart from group workshops or strategy sessions, our services are delivered in a 1 to 1 setting to build solid relationships and ensure clear progress is made.


Business Coaching

Running a business is hard work and can often feel like you're working alone. Friends and family can offer some support but insights into how to grow and improve, from an expert is what really helps business owners take a different look at their business and what their future could look like. Your coach will work with you to:

  • Build your confidence as a business leader 

  • Build the business you would like to have without compromising your personal life

  • Give you the tools, knowledge and tactics to deliver results year after year

Our business coaching program gives small business owners access to knowledge, support and accountability, without the corporate price tag. Online, Video or Face-to-Face support options.


Business Planning 

Whether you have been in business for 50 years or 5 minutes, every business should have an up to date business plan that is a live and working document. Working in partnership, we will take the time to understand your business today and define your future direction, as a business and a business owner. Together we will:


  • Complete a full review of your business 

  • Identify quick wins, areas to develop and long-term focus projects 

  • Define the key strategies and metrics to measure impact and results 

​Your business plan will act as a tool to help ensure you are on track to achieve your goals. Once complete you can implement your plan with support from us or use the framework we provide to deliver the plan.


Business Growth

When we ask business owners what they would like to achieve, the most common answer is growth. Achieving true business growth isn't as easy as it sounds. The right approach to growth must be taken to ensure any investments in growth are protected, don't impact current business activity and the results are achieved.   

  • Looking at purchasing an additional business?

  • Looking to restructure to open access to new markets?

  • Looking at investing in new working business models?

The first step is to align short and long-term growth goals. From this we can form the right plan to deliver the desired growth. For rapid growth, our consultants can work as an extension of your team.


Business Development 

For more controlled route to growth or early preparation for putting your business on the market, business development involves a full review of your business to identify key projects to streamline costs, highlight areas for investment, define areas for improvement and tactics to maximise opportunities. 

  • Structure your business functions and team in the most productive way 

  • Invest in the right areas for the greatest returns

  • Ensure systems and processes are efficient and protect the brand 

From organisational structure and succession planning to entering a new market and launching new products in existing markets. We create plans to ensure short-term goals are working towards your long-term goals.

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Start-up Support 

Setting up a business up to achieve long-term success is challenging, at times lonely and very time consuming. Without a clear plan of action, business owners risk having a somewhat erratic approach to setting up and getting their business off the ground. Actions taken in the early days of business can have a long-lasting impact on the business performance. 

  • Define your business strategy and the associated tactics to deliver your desired results 

  • Ensure you have a solid financial plan, with cashflow and budgets 

  • Clarify all legal obligations and compliance requirements 

Poor planning and focus on business strategy is one of the major reasons why new businesses fail. Investing in your start-up strategy can be the difference in business failure and success.

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Marketing Strategy

When the right tactics are used to support the business objectives, marketing is a very powerful tool. From generating more leads and selling more to existing customers to introducing new products and strengthening your brand in the market, we work with you to achieve marketing success with: 

  • Clearly defined marketing objectives that support the overall business strategy and goals

  • Understanding, measuring and analysing the key marketing tactics and metrics for your business

  • Allocation of your marketing budget for the greatest return on your investment (ROI)

Associated with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, our team understand the most effective means of marketing for your business and customers. We will tailor a plan that suits you, the time and resources you can commit and your desire to grow. 

Looking for something else?

Clients are often asking us for additional workshops, team training sessions, and 1 to 1 skills training sessions. We can help with all of this. We start with a meeting to truly understand and define your goals, then we build the right solution for you and your business. So, if you don't see what you're looking for on our website, please get in touch.

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