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How do I grow my business?

When you started your business one of the key selling points was freedom to work as and when it suited you. In reality flexibility in working is something many business owners don't have. The days are long and hard but the years are short.

You are the expert at what you do and how you do it but this doesn't always mean you an expert in other business related tasks... and that's fine! It's impossible to do everything in your business and still have the flexibility and time to actively sit back and gain a more strategic view and role.

The good news is there are multiple options when it comes to looking at reclaiming your time, and growing your business. There are numerous self-help guides online, a huge range of tools at your disposal, numerous consultants and a whole host of business coaches.

If you just need pointing in the right direction, then some clever googling may be all you need. However if you would like accountability, 121 discussions and ongoing support the chances are you need a business coach.

If your accountant offers business coaching services, this may be a good places to start. Keeping your finances and business advice in one places makes sense - just make sure you are happy the coach is right for you and your business.

The right coach will help you grow in a structured and systematic way. They should work with you to create a growth orientated business plan. The chances are they will also focus on these 7 key ways to help grow your business:

1) Increasing Customer Retention

2) Generating More Leads

3) Increasing Sales Conversion Rates

4) Increasing Transaction Frequency

5) Increasing Transaction Value

6) Reducing Business Costs

7) Reducing Overheads

You can start to actively work on each of these areas without the support of a business coach. However it is important to ensure you have a plan before you start tinkering. Most business owners find the cost cutting easy, but without a plan you can start slashing costs and having a detrimental impact on your business.

Carefully considering what you need to do in each one of these 7 areas, what the impact may be, what the obstacles might be and what the benefit is likely to be, will go a long way in protecting you and your business and you start your journey in growth.

Want to discuss business growth plans or business planning in more detail? Contact us today


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