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BAS Consultancy Client News: Indicro Business Launch a Huge Success

INDICRO Press Release:

INDICRO Launches a Smart New Business Model for Medical Products Development

INDICRO, a transformative digital hub for the Pharma/Medical Device/Biotechnology industry, announces its official launch, ushering in a new era of expert collaboration and connectivity within the industry. Founded by Trish Parry, INDICRO aims to empower upcoming Life Science companies and expert Freelancers/Consultants by offering a dynamic platform that prioritises their needs and enables them to meet their business goals effectively. INDICRO’s vision is to provide a business model that optimises the opportunity for both Pharma/Medical Device/Biotech companies and Freelancers/Consultants to thrive. By connecting them directly to each other and to a range of specialist supporting services, INDICRO offers a cost-effective platform for development and collaboration. "With INDICRO, we are fundamentally changing the way SMEs in the Pharma/Medical Device/Biotech industry operates," says Trish Parry, Founder of INDICRO." Our platform enables companies to access vetted expertise, advisory and operational support, and specialist vendors, all while giving expert Freelancers/Consultants exposure to potential clients and access to business support services they need to thrive." INDICRO’s seminal launch took place at Shendish Manor in Hertfordshire on Thursday, September 14th, marking an exciting milestone in the industry. The event brought together various leaders in the field, including former members of the UK Government’s Vaccines Taskforce, to celebrate and discuss the future of expert collaboration and innovation. To spearhead Trish Parry's vision, INDICRO has partnered with Web Developers and Solution Architects OI-Digital. Steve Gayler and Oliver Partridge demonstrated the INDICRO platform at the launch. Steve Gayler expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are honoured to be on this INDICRO journey with Trish, and we believe that our collaboration will bring forth transformative change in the Life Sciences industry."

Similarly, Sian Smith, Business Development Director of BAS Consultancy Services states “I am proud to have supported Trish Parry in her groundbreaking venture. Together, we crafted robust business plans, orchestrated strategic financial planning, and established a resilient business structure. Through combined efforts and incredible drive from Trish, INDICRO is already gaining significant momentum and I am excited for the future of this revolutionary business.” INDICRO offers an expansive network of vetted experts, operational support services, and specialist vendors, providing an all-encompassing solution for Life Sciences companies, Freelancers/Consultants, and vendors seeking well-matched collaborations. Along with an extensive training programme and community groups, INDICRO will become the much-needed solution for advancing the development of medical products for upcoming SMEs that transform patient lives. For more information about INDICRO and its innovative platform, please visit

INDICRO founder & covid vaccine taskforce
INDICRO founder & covid vaccine taskforce


Indicro is a pioneering digital hub revolutionising the Pharma/Medical Device/Biotech industry through expert collaboration and direct connectivity. Founded by Trish Parry BSc (Hons), CSci, MRQA, INDICRO aims to prioritize the needs of upcoming companies and expert Freelancers/Consultants, enabling them to meet their business goals effectively. It offers a dynamic platform connecting stakeholders within the Life Science industry and provides access to vetted expertise, advisory and operational support, and specialist vendors.


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