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Refresh & focus your 2024 Business Strategy

At BAS Consultancy Services, we understand that the world of business is fast-paced, often demanding quick adaptation and a forward-thinking approach. To support businesses preparing for a successful 2024, we're excited to introduce our Refresh & Focus Package, meticulously created to revamp your business strategies and set the stage for growth and success.

Who is it For? Our Refresh & Focus Package is tailored for:

  • Start-ups seeking a structured business plan.

  • Businesses experiencing rapid growth.

  • Businesses recognising the need for new areas of focus.

What to Expect In our Refresh & Focus sessions, we dive deep into your existing business plan. We meticulously analyse its strengths, identify areas needing attention, and craft a renewed, goal-oriented strategy for the upcoming year. Outside of the business plan we review your business as a whole, and uncover areas of strength and development. Our process is designed to:

  • Reflect on the achievements and challenges of the past year.

  • Define clear, actionable objectives for 2024.

  • Provide a comprehensive plan to take your business forward.

  • Equip you with strategies adaptable to market changes.

How It Works:

  • Pre-Work: Receive materials one week before the session to ensure our time together is focused and productive.

  • Session: A collaborative and structured session, lasting 2-3 hours, to dissect, refine, and redefine your business plan.

  • Outcome: You'll walk away with a refreshed business plan aligned with your vision and equipped with strategies for immediate implementation.

What happens next? Alongside the Refresh & Focus Package, we offer a business coaching bolt-on. With structured guidance, accountability, and a strategic approach, our coaching services ensure the implementation and continuous evolution of your refreshed business plan throughout 2024.

Join us for a successful 2024 Take charge of your business's future and kickstart 2024 with a revitalised strategic direction. Embrace change, seize opportunities, and navigate challenges with a clear and focused business plan.

Let's make 2024 your year of growth and success! Contact us now to find out more and arrange your Refresh & Focus session.


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