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Small Business Marketing Top Tip

As a small business owner you have so many plates spinning that sometimes doing anything more can feel like an impossible task. However, when it comes to finding new customers, effective marketing is an essential task.

With the right processes and tools, it is possible to expand your leads and customer base without significant investment.

However this wont happen overnight (sorry!). There will be some trial and error, but each step is a step in the right direction and is part of learning the best ways to reach potential customers, promote your services and understand more about the market in which you operate.

Before you even consider starting to trial email marketing, social media posts, pay-per-click (PPC) adverts, flyers... the list goes on! There is 1 essential task that all small business owners should undertake.

Here it is.... Create a Marketing Strategy!

You can waste hours and spend a fortune on different things that you are being told you MUST do to be effective with your marketing. Most of what you are being told is probably true.

However, unless you know the answer to these 5 questions, any marketing activity you take could be a complete waste of your precious time and energy, and even cause one of those many plates your spinning, to fall and smash.

1 ) Who are you trying to sell to?

If your immediate answer to this question is everyone, then you will need to spend a little longer answering this before moving on. Everyone may have the opportunity to buy from you, and you may want everyone to buy from you but who should be buying from you?

2 ) Why should people buy from you?

Think about the last time you bough a bunch of bananas - do you remember the brand? Probably not, and that's because its a commodity. You looked at the price before the brand. don't let your business be seen as a commodity. What makes you unique?

3) What value do you offer?

Perception is everything... what you offer must be perceived as high value but also at a reasonable cost. So, in terms of what value you offer, this is the additional value your customer receives along with your product and/or service.

4) What problem do you solve?

As humans, conscious or subconscious, we don't buy "things", we buy solutions to our goals, challenges or pain points. Buying a coffee in the morning, is buying a solution to staying awake. Buying a coffee in the morning from Starbucks over a corner shop unbranded coffee, is a choice to pay more for a solution that buys into a version of their ideal selves.

5) How do you want customers to interact with you?

In today's world personalisation is key. Understanding what the person you are trying to sell to wants, needs, and how they want to be interacted with is essential in helping customer part with their cash quicker and easier.

When you have answered these key questions you can start to understand the right methods of communication, the right platforms and the right content for your marketing. Take your time here and make sure you are happy before you start taking any action.

This will cut down the amount of time you spend trialing different marketing tactics, money you spend promoting adverts and support you end up paying for.

Finding a business coach or business consultant that is a specialist in marketing may be a key step in your journey to improving your small business marketing.

For more support with small business marketing get in touch with the team at BAS Consultancy.


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